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Unleash your rescue dog’s potential with training 

Training your rescue dog can lead to success.

Are you considering adopting a dog but worried about training? Don’t let behavior concerns stop you from welcoming a furry friend into your home! At Greg Knows Dogs, I specialize in providing in-home dog training to households in Bayview, Chelsea, Ghent, Larchmont and Ocean View, Virginia so that they can have success, regardless of a dog’s breed or background.

A great dog is waiting for you
Shelters and rescues are brimming with amazing dogs waiting for their forever homes. Contrary to popular belief, many dogs are in shelters because of changes in family circumstances—divorce, death, a rental that prohibits pets—not behavioral problems. In other words, dogs often end up in shelters through no fault of their own.

Unleashing your dog’s potential
Some people may believe purebreds require less training because of their pedigree. However, in my 20-plus years of dog training experience—work that has included everything from mutts to purebreds, from puppies to senior dogs—I have repeatedly witnessed that good behavior is a learned skill, not a genetic trait. Good behavior doesn’t just happen; it is learned. And just like human children, dogs need guidance and training to be at their best.

Turning second chances into success stories
According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 6.3 million companion animals—half of them dogs—enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Sadly, many dogs get surrendered for behaviors simply because their owners lack the knowledge or resources to address and correct them. But I know that regardless of their background or age, dogs can be trained to learn new behaviors. It takes perseverance, patience, reiteration and communication—things that I emphasize in my in-home training sessions. 

Whether you get your dog from a shelter or a breeder, YOU will be the one who determines their future. It is your actions that will make the biggest difference between an unruly dog and a well-behaved dog. 

Here are just some of the reasons adoption may be a good option for your family:

The benefits of adoption with training:

  • Save a life: There are thousands of unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and stray dogs in animal shelters across the country. Every dog adopted means one less facing euthanasia due to overcrowding. 
  • Find your perfect match: Some rescue organizations focus on specific breeds, but others have a variety of dogs. Young or old, from Labrador to Chihuahua, you can find the ideal canine companion for your household and lifestyle. should be able to find one ideal for your family.  
  • Save money: Adoption fees are significantly lower than breeder costs, and many shelters provide vaccinations and spaying/neutering. Plus, many have also been vaccinated and can be adopted for a low adoption fee.

Remember the adage you can’t buy love? Well, you can—it’s called a dog from an animal shelter. Don’t let behavior concerns prevent you from the joys of dog ownership. 

At Greg Knows Dogs, I empower dog owners with the skills to build a happy, harmonious life with their adopted companions. Contact me today to discuss a personalized training plan and turn your rescue pup into a well-behaved best friend! Training your rescue dog is the first step to success!

Greg Knows Dogs provides in-home dog training in Virginia’s Bayview, Chelsea, Ghent, Larchmont and Ocean View neighborhoods.