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How to potty train your dog: the Four Cs of Toilet Training 

Greg Knows Dogs’ effective method for toilet training your dog or puppy relies on my ‘four C’s’ approach. These tips for potty training will help bring success for both you and your dog, whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or new to canine care. 


Feed your dog a quality food on a schedule. 

    • For puppies six months or younger, feed three times a day
    • For adults dogs, feed twice a day


    Limit her access. A pen, baby gate and/or crate are important. As she improves her house training, gradually increase her access to your house.

    The crate should only be big enough to stand up, turn around, and stretch.  


      Consistency is important to help your dog learn. Multiple methods, places, and verbal cues will be confusing.

      Have a potty schedule.

      • Adult dogs: Take them outside when they wake up, after play, and after eating. They should go out at least four times a day.
      • Puppies: Take them outside when they wake up (including after naps), after play, after eating, and after baths. In general, take the age of your puppy in months to determine how long they can be confined without a potty break. For example a two month old puppy can wait two hours, or three at the most.

      Take her out on leash; give her ten minutes to find a spot. Say your verbal cue as she is squatting. Reward with praise, treat, and play. No playing until after elimination. If she doesn’t eliminate, put her back in a confined area for 20 minutes or so, then take her out again. Repeat until you’re successful.

        Clean Up:

        Clean all accidents with an enzymatic cleaner, which can specifically target organic messes. When applied to a stain, the enzymes in the cleaner latch onto molecules like carbamide and uric acid found in pet urine, breaking them down into water, carbon dioxide, and other harmless substances.

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