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Hi! I'm Maksim.

Once upon a time, I wasn’t exactly a well-behaved dog.  I didn’t listen to my pack leader, I pulled on my leash, and I jumped on visitors.

Then I met Greg.

Thanks to Greg, I’m now the well-behaved dog I was meant to be… and my leader’s true best friend.  When it comes to dog training, you’ll be glad…



Native Ohioan and proud Virginian, Greg Schneider has been a professional dog trainer for OVER TWO DECADES. He has trained more than 3000 dogs during his career, immersing himself in a holistic understanding of dog behavior. Greg continues to expand his knowledge by honing his skills and staying current on the latest trends in dog training. Having earned Masters Degrees in both Psychology and Education, Greg’s background and experience serve as assets in communicating with dog owners, thereby helping owners communicate with their dogs.

Photo of Greg with a beagle.


As the name implies, holistic training examines the “whole picture” to address the “parts” that may need improvement. In the case of dog training, it’s important to know that a dog’s behavior is influenced by many key factors, such as:

  • The dog’s environment
  • Quality and frequency of exercise
  • The dog’s diet
  • YOUR behavior
Picture of dog sitting obediently and shaking trainer's hand

Taking these factors into consideration, Greg will work with YOU AND YOUR DOG where the misbehavior happens (your home, your yard, your neighborhood, etc.) and devise a plan for improving his or her behavior. The plan will only require a few minutes of practice each day.

It’s no secret that people and dogs make wonderful companions. That’s why sharing a common “language” is a vital part of a healthy relationship with your dog. Greg will help you learn your dog’s language, which will enable you to communicate with him or her in consistent, easily understood ways.


Because Greg knows dogs, YOU will learn to know YOUR dog. By adhering to Greg’s training plan and following his guidance, you will reveal the true companion in the misbehaving dog you once thought was untrainable. The love and respect you share with your dog will grow by leaps and bounds!
Greg can help you with:

  • Puppy training
  • Aggression
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Respecting Visitors
  • Housetraining
  • Obedience
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Walking on a Leash
  • Coming When Called
  • Inappropriate Barking
Picture of a dog walking obediently beside a person
Photo of Greg with a dog in a boat. The dog is sitting in Greg's lap and is "Kissing" Greg on the cheek.


“Greg is very knowledgeable and will take the time to get to know your dog and come up with a unique plan that fits you, your dog and your family best! We have used him several times with different dogs and cannot say enough good things about Greg! His training techniques are very helpful and we saw an instant change in unwanted behavior. Highly, highly recommend Greg Knows Dogs for in home training!”

— Repeat customer, Jenna P with Roo and Reese

“We worked with Greg to address some over-reactive behavior and difficulty walking our two Golden Retriever pups. His methods are great and very effective, while being kind and caring to the pups. We have noticed such a change in being able to correct unwanted behavior. Greg helped us feel empowered and better able to control our pups’ behavior. We highly recommend Greg if you need help with your pups. What a great experience!”

— Justin S with Lola and Pearl

“Greg has a natural way with dogs (and their humans). We did one-on-one training with our Bernedoodle pup and it definitely helped. Greg had so many fantastic suggestions, it’s almost impossible not to be successful with your dog. We truly cannot recommend Greg enough. We tell everyone about him, his love for dogs and his passion for success. Thank you, Greg, for helping our dog achieve good puppy etiquette.”

— Annette and Bob R with Bentley

“We used Greg in 2021 to help our young Shiba Inu to stop fighting with our older Shiba. Greg had great suggestions that actually proved easy to do day-to-day. We were skeptical at first if training would work, but it was wonderful and Greg was great! We had him back to work with our newest addition. Greg simply reminded us of what we had learned before and reinforced what we needed to do. We would definitely recommend Greg for training!”

— Louise V with Nikko and Jun

“My 6.5-month-old golden retriever, JackSun, just completed four sessions of obedience training with Greg, who has been wonderful to work with. He’s professional, patient, kind and knowledgeable. I saw a complete 180-degree change after our very first lesson. He built a good foundation for Jack and me. I highly recommend working with Greg whether it’s puppy basics or specific behaviors you need work on.”

— Tricia F with JackSun

“Our boxer/American bulldog mix had so much trouble with jumping up on our guests. Greg came to our home and in a very short time taught us how to stop that bad behavior in a calm, effective way. We had the whole family over last night — even the little grandkids — and Coco did great! We can’t thank you enough, Greg. You truly DO know dogs!!! ”

— Teresa B with Coco

“I actually had a pretty severe case. One of my dogs bit me and I was afraid I was going to have put him down. Greg came in and assessed the dynamics of the family and saw how my other dog was picking on the one that acted out. We had a lot of work to do, but we now have restored faith in our dog. GREG IS OUR HERO! Thanks for all the peace you have given us, Greg! It’s life changing!”

— Jessica H with Headley and May-May



Tell us a little about your dog and what areas you need help with. Simply fill out the contact form below and Greg will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your training. All information will be kept in strict confidence. Or if you’d prefer, give Greg a call at 757.215.4468.

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